Capture 3I was so fortunate to be interviewed recently by none other than Kevin Tumlinson of the Wordslinger Podcast. With a relaxed and engaging interview style, he had me giving my very best throughout this interview. He holds true to his promise to inform, inspire and entertain. Please, click on the image below or follow this link to Episode #50 – POWERFUL WORDS with Clark Gaither.

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About the Interview –

We all stumble every now and then, and we all have our issues and challenges to overcome. Few people know that better than Clark Gaither. As a doctor, he expected he would help others deal with their own challenges and ailments, but never expected face some of his own. Now he is building a career around helping people face and overcome those things that might hold them back.


Date: September 25, 2015
Appearance: The Wordslinger Podcast – Guest Interview
Format: Podcast

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