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Available in paperback.

Available in paperback.

You have seen them. You have read them. You have heard them all of your life. I’m talking about POWERFUL WORDS. You knew they were powerful the moment you read them or heard them because not only did you read them or hear them, you felt them.

You felt them deep inside. Perhaps they caught you by surprise and moved you in ways that were unexpected. Perhaps they served to propel you into some kind of action. Maybe they made you feel angry, or thrilled, or grateful, or maybe they made you laugh or cry.

You remember them because they changed you. They left an indelible impression on you. For you, they were POWERFUL WORDS. You already possess words of power inside of you which can change the lives of others for the better. They reside within the stories of your own life experiences. You can learn how to connect with them so you can connect with others on an emotional level.

This book is about POWERFUL WORDS, words which hold great significance and personal power for you, me, everyone. Some powerful words we share in common. Many of them are different, but we all share one greatly important aspect of these words – the emotional impact they have had on us and how they have shaped and continue to reshape our lives.

The words which hold the most power for you are the ones which move you on an emotional level. If you and another person share the same Powerful Words, you will be connected to that person and they to you, even if they are a stranger. This book is about finding your Powerful Words and using them in whatever you do as you set out to help others in whatever capacity you choose. It is about telling your story, your personal truth. This is where your greatest influence resides.

Discover Your Secret Language for Personal Success and Maximizing Impact Through Emotional Connections by reading POWERFUL WORDS.

Within the pages of my book, I will show you how.

What others are saying about POWERFUL WORDS

“I have to admit; Dr. Gaither’s book has touched a nerve in me. It has made me re-examine some of the choices I’ve made, both good and bad. But at the same time, it has reminded me of the life stories that are my foundation and the words that had the power to change, and continue to change, my course through life. If you feel “stuck” or hopelessly lost, or that you have strayed from your core values, then, in “Powerful Words”, Dr. Gaither gives you the tools to set a new course and live each new day to the fullest.” ~ John Overman


“What an excellent reminder for all of us about the power that words and their related feelings and experiences have in shaping who we are (or wish to become). I guarantee that you’ll find yourself laughing, crying, and nodding along as you follow Dr. Gaither on his own path to discovering and harnessing the power of words in his life. Dr. Gaither’s story is just the beginning! He has crafted an easy read with questions designed to make you pause, reflect, and respond to what your “Powerful Words” mean to you. With this book, you have the opportunity to explore new possibilities and put your Powerful Words into action and practice. I already have several spots bookmarked for reference…I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy the book as much as I did.” ~ Stacey Lynn Gilbert


“Everyday words really shape your life experiences. What a man thinks in his heart he becomes. Dr. Clark Gaither shares his real everyday life experiences of heartache valleys and mountaintop peaks describing words that helped shaped the outlook of every situation he faces. In his easy to read stories, he encourages the reader to pause to evaluate their own thoughts and ideas using crafty question exercises to help reshape the reader’s outlook or outcomes of their own personal situations. If you are bound with “stinking-thinking”, bad outcomes of the past, read and explore the exercises of Powerful Words. I encourage you to redefine your own thoughts with Powerful Words, you can and will be a better person for it!” ~ Penny Green Withrow


“This book is honestly a life changer. As a business owner, husband, and father of 5 children, life can get incredibly overwhelming. What I love about this book is the author’s story behind the story. Dr Clark Gaither’s transparency about the good, the bad, the terrible, and the awesome, are what makes this a very solid read for anyone who is wanting to grow and develop at any level of their life.” ~ Mark Minard


“If you have experienced hurtful words that have wounded you, please invest the time to read Powerful Words. The captivating stories coupled with the work sessions provide the tools a motivated reader can use to foster self transformation. Through the self reflection elicited in each chapter of Powerful Words, Dr Gaither provides the tools for the reader to identify his core values and to discover his powerful words. These discoveries will build a framework for change in the life of the reader. If embraced, the concepts taught in Powerful Words can be a catalyst for transformation in the life of the reader.” ~ Hope Schaefer

Have you ever dreamed of being able to write or speak POWERFUL WORDS?

Imagine yourself writing something which moves people on a deep, emotional level, which proves helpful to them. Imagine delivering a message in a talk, which brings people to their feet to applaud in appreciation of you for a message you delivered because they know it has changed their life. Imagine people writing letters to you or sending emails to you expressing their appreciation for how much you were able to help them.

You have the ability to do all of those things and more using your own POWERFUL WORDS. You do not have to be a poet. You do not have to be a literary genius. You do not have to conjure Powerful Words up from nothing. They are already there inside of you, right now!

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