Are Your Companies Values Burning Out Your Employees?

The not so nice result of businesses gone bad.

Conflict between the demands of a job and an employee's core values can cause job related burnout.

Conflict between the demands of a job and an employee’s core values can cause job related burnout.

Everyone has a set of core values which guide them in life and in their everyday interactions with others. If you work for an organization, you bring those values with you into the workplace. Warning: the creation of conflicting values in the workplace can put employees on the fast track to job related burnout.

Recently, I began reviewing the 6 mismatches between the job and the individual which can lead to job related burnout and writing a post on each of them in a series. The sixth and last mismatch in this series, conflicting values, is the subject of today’s post.

Out of all the mismatches between the nature of a job and the nature of the person doing the job, conflicting values probably carries the most weight. If an individual finds themselves in a job where there is substantial conflict between the demands of the job and their core values, there will exist great potential for job related burnout. 

If an organization, say a large hospital, provider group, or business touts excellent service but behind the scenes the employees know this is not true then substantial internal conflict will arise. If an organization’s value statement stresses honesty but honest employees witness or are made to participate in dishonest or underhanded business practices, then internal conflict results.