This Cost Cutting Move Will Kill Doctors, Nurses, Patients

You can not cost cut your way to quality healthcare, only cheaper healthcare.

Where are all of the staff? Those who deliver healthcare have already been stretched beyond the breaking point. LEAN will only serve to increase the tension.

Where are all of the staff? Those who deliver healthcare have already been stretched beyond the breaking point. LEAN will only serve to increase the tension.

Of all of the cost cutting measures to come barreling down the pike in healthcare, this latest one has to be the worst and most ominous. If fully implemented, I believe the individuals pushing this new workplace redesign concept will be at least partially responsible for the deaths of not only patients but the persons who care for them, namely physicians and nurses. I’m referring to LEAN Staffing.

If you aren’t familiar with the LEAN concept, allow me introduce it to you. The LEAN process, sometimes simply referred to as lean,  is borrowed from the manufacturing sector. Lean production or lean manufacturing is a systematic method of identifying and eliminating waste within a manufacturing process. Well, that doesn’t sound so bad.

In essence, lean seeks to amplify or make obvious that which adds value to a product by reducing everything else which does not. This management philosophy was developed and utilized by the car manufacturer Toyota. So, how does this apply to humans? It doesn’t. That’s what makes it a bad idea for healthcare.

The actual application of this process to clinic or hospital staffing involves taking a process in healthcare, i.e. triage in the Emergency Department or nursing in a critical care unit, and breaking the entire process down into its constituent parts. Any duplication of effort or redundancy (in who’s eyes) is removed. Similar actions are combined (yet another loss of control). Shortcomings in personnel are either improved or removed (she/he is let go). Time allowances are shortened (you must work faster). Approved tools are prescribed then utilized and improper ones are discarded (by whom?). Waste (again, according to whom?) is eliminated.

The concise, but no less accurate, description for LEAN Staffing is “someone requiring someone else to do more with less.” 

My Journey | Alcoholism to Recovery | Burned Out to On Fire

Set Back to Set Up - The battles we fight do define us and we decide how.

Stephanie O'Brien, host of the Moved By Purpose podcast.

Stephanie O’Brien, host of the Moved By Purpose podcast.

It was my shear pleasure to be interviewed recently by Stephanie O’Brien, host of the Moved By Purpose podcast.

Stephanie’s mission in life is to help people who feel stuck, unsatisfied, and overwhelmed in their career, life, and business to break free of limiting beliefs and mindsets that have held them back from achieving the success they desire most! As a career and life coach, she has been able to truly make a difference in the world, helping and guiding others to achieve the abundant life that everyone has the potential to live – including an enriching and fulfilling career. She has helped others who are stuck in life and/or unfulfilling careers to obtain clarity on their life purpose and thrive in work they love!

In this podcast episode of Moved By Purpose, Stephanie and I discuss – 

  • How I turned from being an alcoholic with no degree to having 25 years sobriety and a 23 year career as a physician.
  • Doing what you WANT to do vs Doing what you NEED to do.
  • When people voice their fears, they become less fearful of them.

Please, listen in as Stephanie does a masterful job interviewing me by clicking on the title below. I hope you enjoy it!

Stephanie logoPodcast Ep 87 – From Set Back to Set Up




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