The Midlife Launch Podcast – Guest Interview

Listen in as Kingsley Grant inteviews Dr. Clark Gaither on the topic of Job Related Burnout.

Kingsley Grant - "The Midlife Launch Guy"

Kingsley Grant – “The Midlife Launch Guy”

Kinglsley Grant is a speaker, published author, Psychotherapist, Certified Relationship Coach and host of the well known podcast The Midlife Launch Podcast. He is passionate about the Midlife Professional – Identifying, Clarifying and Modifying their dream so they can do what they love, love what they do and make a living while doing it.

In Episode 122 of The Midlife Launch Podcast we discuss burnout in the midlife years. In his own words, here is what Kingsley had to say about my interview as a guest on his show.

“You could be on the verge of a burnout and not know it. The signs might be staring right at you and you’re either overlooking it or misdiagnosing it.

So many professionals experience burnout at midlife because of the repetitive nature of their work, the stress of it or the demands of it.

However, one of the most un-diagnosed cause is that of not living out their purpose or passion.

Even though I’ve never experienced burnout, I can say I’ve had symptoms that left un-checked, could easily lead to such. “Un-checking” these symptoms is not as easy as it sounds. It requires some definitive action steps.

These action steps are some of the things that were discussed in this episode.

Here are the five lessons I covered in this episode.

In this episode, our guest – Dr. Clark Gaither – discussed some of the warning signs of burnout but also, how symptoms of burnout could lead to some positive changes.

Dr. Gaither aka Dr. Burnout, talked about his own burnout as well as his struggle with alcohol.”

Click on the link below to listen to the show. I hope you enjoy listening in as much as I enjoyed being a guest on Kingsley’s podcast, The Midlife Launch –

Avoid Burnout At Midlife | Dr. Clark Gaither | Episode TML122

The Midlife Launch Podcast

Episode 128 of Weird Entrepreneurs with Justin Verrengia was recently released. I was fortunate to be interviewed by Justin as a guest on his show. We discussed my book, POWERFUL WORDS.

D & Justin Verrengia are the foundersJustin Verrengia and host of Weird  Entrepreneurs.

The Weird Entrepreneurs Podcast is the Shaolin Temple of kick-ass 30 minute interviews with today’s top entrepreneurs.

The purpose of this show is to help you experience the transformation you are seeking in your life and in your business to get the results you truly desire.

I hope you enjoy listening in as much as I enjoyed the interview by Justin! Here is the link to the show:

128: Clark Gaither: Powerful Words

My guest appearance on Weird Entrepreneurs.

My guest appearance on Weird Entrepreneurs.









Date: November 7, 2015
Appearance: Weird Entrepreneurs – Guest Interview
Format: Podcast

The Business on Purpose Podcast – Guest Interview

The Business on Purpose PodcastI was recently interviewed by none other than Scott Beebe, host of The Business on Purpose Podcast. This podcast episode (#027) just launched today! I was so inspired by Scott’s story and it was a pleasure being a guest on his podcast. Listen in as we discuss what I’ve been up to lately, my book POWERFUL WORDS and my consulting and coaching efforts in the area of job related burnout. From beginning to the end, I believe you will not only enjoy it but glean useful information which will prove to be of value.

You can catch this episode at iTunes or click on the following link:

BOP 027 Dr. Clark Gaither: Dr. Burnout Will See You Now

About Scott Beebe

Scott is the proprietor of My Business On Purpose; a multi-broadcast platform that equips, inspires, and mobilizes business professionals to live out their skill set to society as an agent of God’s grace.

He is a strategist, teacher, and business coach.  He helps small business owners and organizational decision makers uncover things that they cannot see, and create game-changing strategies so they can take immediate action and live out their life and business with purpose and intentionality.

Scott’s Website:


I was honored recently to be a guest on the Recovery Roundtable Podcast with hosts Austin Monceret and Nick Hayes. In Episode #17 we talk about my experience with addiction to alcohol, loss, recovery and finding a life of meaning. We also talked about my recently published book, POWERFUL WORDS. Their show, unlike most podcasts, is videotaped while being produced. So, you can watch the interview as well as listen. I want to thank them both for the wonderful opportunity and experience of allowing me to share my story as a guest on their show.

To listen and watch the interview click here:

To just listen in click below: 09/25/15 – Episode #17 – Physician in Recovery – Dr. Burnout – Clark Gaither, MD

About the Recovery Roundtable Podcast:

This is a podcast devoted to conversations about addiction and recovery. As the name suggests, there is no head at the Roundtable, everyone has an equal place and opportunity to bring their perspective.

The disease of addiction is powerful but we know that recovery is more powerful. We’ll have discussions on various topics and we will even explore issues that fall outside the rooms of recovery. We want to dive deep into science and research, the treatment field, the different recovery cultures across the globe and much, much more!

So join us in the conversation because we want you at the Roundtable too.

Here are all the Links:



Facebook Page:


Date: September 25, 2015
Appearance: Recovery Roundtable – Guest Interview
Format: Podcast

Capture 3I was so fortunate to be interviewed recently by none other than Kevin Tumlinson of the Wordslinger Podcast. With a relaxed and engaging interview style, he had me giving my very best throughout this interview. He holds true to his promise to inform, inspire and entertain. Please, click on the image below or follow this link to Episode #50 – POWERFUL WORDS with Clark Gaither.

Capture 5

About the Interview –

We all stumble every now and then, and we all have our issues and challenges to overcome. Few people know that better than Clark Gaither. As a doctor, he expected he would help others deal with their own challenges and ailments, but never expected face some of his own. Now he is building a career around helping people face and overcome those things that might hold them back.


Date: September 25, 2015
Appearance: The Wordslinger Podcast – Guest Interview
Format: Podcast