Your Success Is Strongly Linked to Your Own POWERFUL WORDS

A podcast interview and discussion on the importance of identifying our own words of power and using them to your advantage in whatever you do.

David Ralph, host of the Join Up Dots podcast.

David Ralph, host of the Join Up Dots podcast.

I can’t tell you what a pleasure it was to be interviewed recently by none other than David Ralph, host of the Join Up Dots podcast show. It was a total hoot!

This British podcast host has a unique mission and vision behind his show based on an excerpt of a speech once given by Steve Jobs. He played the excerpt during this interview and it gave me goosebumps. They are powerful words. Through guest interviews, David cranks out inspired podcast content each week which will help you to achieve your own brilliant future. Besides being a superlative podcast host, he is a podcast teacher, mentor, mastermind group leader, and event speaker. You will love his energy, interview style, passion and most certainly adore his silky smooth voice and accent, made to order for online radio.

Please join us as we discuss:

  • POWERFUL WORDS and how to find your own words of power and use them in whatever capacity you choose. Learning how will allow you to better connect with others on an emotional level and more effectively share your unique message with the world.

From David’s show notes…..

  • How I found the path towards my future at the top of a Spanish mountain surrounded by mist, asking for clarity in my life….guess what, I found it!
  • How I have never felt I fitted perfectly into the medical profession even though I have been operating within my zone of excellence. The zone of genius is where I was aiming but feel I have never achieved.
  • Why a letter I found on the seat of my Jeep changed my life forever and in such an unexpected manner that I will always call it a “Tragedy”.
  • The six stages of professional burnout that we can all encounter, and probably have all experienced in our lives in one way or another, at one time or another.
  • Why there is nothing in our lives that we can’t achieve if we only ask for help, or pay for help when we feel that we can’t go any further.

Please, click on the link below to listen in on this episode of JOIN UP DOTS and take away some information and advice I hope you will find helpful.

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