Content to Content.

Content at last?

Content at last?

That is to say, I am content, because I write content. Saying this the other way round also works for me. Because I write content, I am content. I never envisioned this to be the case. I’m talking about content like this blog and the content I produce for a recovery related podcast called The Power of Transformation. These creative venues have changed the way I feel, about a lot of things.

First of all, if you are actively addicted you are never content, never satisfied. I certainly wasn’t when I was hanging on to my addiction like grim death. You live in a continuous state of fear, fear that you will run out of your drug of choice, fear that someone will discover your addiction (as if someone doesn’t already know), fear that you will be made to stop, the self-generated fear of quitting, the fear of continuing the addiction, the fear of dying and all at the same time.

Satisfaction with life and living are a rarity among the addicted. It was a horrible existence for me, and so it is for everyone actively addicted. So being both addicted and content is out the window. It would also be difficult to write decent content that isn’t total self-absorbed while actively addicted, even if you felt inclined to do so. I didn’t even try when I was actively addicted. Besides, I was thinking with an addicted brain at the time. There was no time for that kind of introspection for me.

Last year I started this blog, to help others who are struggling, or have struggled with drugs, alcohol, or addictive behaviors. What has surprised me is the degree to which this blog has helped me, in many unexpected ways.

Producing content has helped me to more narrowly define myself. It has given voice to thoughts long held but never completely understood or codified. It has brought me clarity out of the muddle and clutter and helped me to define my basic principles. Once fuzzy concepts now appear in sharper focus within my thinking. My emotional, spiritual and psychological realms have all benefited. By regularly producing content I have in effect built a more solid foundation on which to stand. Or, from which to spring.

This is not a new concept to the human experience. It has been a tool used by countless millions on their journeys of self-discovery before me. But, it is new to me. I have been more content, satisfied and happy this past year while writing content than I have been for quite some time. Producing a podcast has only added to my enjoyment. I certainly hope my efforts will help others, even if it is only one individual. But if it were none, I would probably still continue to write content because I think it is making me a better person. That makes it worth the effort.

In Michael Hyatt’s most recent best selling book, Platform, he states, “I blog in order to clarify my thinking and archive my best ideas. In short, I blog for me.” He said that it shouldn’t matter that you have ten readers or one hundred thousand. He went on to quote Dawson Trotman who said, “Thoughts disentangle themselves when they pass through the lips and fingertips.” I agree 100% with both of these gentleman. I wholeheartedly believe in the merits of writing down one’s thoughts and I think these benefits can extend to anyone.

If you are already content, writing content may help keep you that way and keep you focused on your own set of priorities and principles. If you are struggling with an addiction, with an addicted family member, friend, or co-worker; with staying sober, or with just living life on life’s terms, try writing your thoughts and feelings down on paper. It is more than therapeutic. It will be trans-formative. It may be a great way to go, from content to content.

Is there something on your mind? Would writing your honest thoughts down on paper bring you some clarity? Why not give it a try and find out?

This post is dedicated to Hope.

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