Reality Based Thinking for Your Preferred Future

Clark GaitherPeople are by and large hopeful for their futures. If you are not hopeful for your future, meaning you are feeling hopeless, then there is little reason to get out of bed in the morning.

We hope and pray for many things. Commonly hoped for things include love, health, ubiquitous stuff, a fulfilling job, passion or purpose. We hope and pray for these things in order to bring added meaning to our lives.

But many never realize their dreams and never obtain what they truly desire. Why? Is it because of a lack of luck, bad timing, a lack of faith, not the right education, a lack of money, an unsupportive spouse? I do not believe so.

We have amazing bodies with a complex and highly functional brain to boot. Each of us are born with unique talents and abilities. If we feel something is missing we have the wherewithal to obtain whatever is lacking.

I believe we have already been given all that we need to succeed in life. For those who are into reality based belief systems, I submit the following for a more bountiful and successful future:

  • The is no such thing as luck. It is an illusion. Sustained, persistent hard work with passion and purpose will lead to success. To an independent observer, it just looks like luck.
  • There is no magic formula, magic wand or magic fairy dust. There are tried and true formulas for success which are not magical and are available to anyone. That is, they will work if you work them. Magical thinking gets you butkus.
  • Serving the needs, wants and desires of others will bring you your needs, wants and desires. They will come from those you serve.
  • If you are full of discontent, unhappiness and discomfiture and are looking for a sign for when to transform your life, your sign is discontent, unhappiness and discomfiture.
  • Your preferred future is your dream and no one else’s. Translating your life from where your are to your preferred future is your job. No one else will do this for you because they are concerned about their own preferred futures.
  • If you say “I can’t”, I will not believe you even though you will be right 100% of the time. My not believing that it is true will not make any difference, though, until you stop believing that it is true at which point you will again be right 100% of the time. It is the only instance in your life when you will be 100% right either way. Your choice.
  • Praying for God to do something for you that you can do for yourself, to figure out something that you can figure out for yourself or to give you something that you can get for yourself is a waste of mental energy, your natural talents and abilities, not to mention the good Lord’s time. Although, I am sure He enjoys a good laugh from time to time.
  • The road to success passes through the gateposts of failure, every time, always! There is just no easier, softer way. When you come to a point where you can name failure as a cherished friend, you will have both feet firmly planted in your preferred future.

We are glorious creatures destined to accomplish, to building, to produce, to create, to innovate. Do you believe that is true like I do?

Do you believe something is holding you back from your preferred future? If so, can you name it? Is there a solution?

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