Transformation Part IX: But, I don’t know how to do that.

Clark GaitherWe are now up to step #6 of Transformation. It is time to gather together the resources and knowledge necessary to help you achieve your goals. Many people do not even make it this far before giving up. Many others will stall here because they discover they lack critical information or the tools that are necessary for their success.

Rather than go out and get what might be missing or needed, some simply give up. After making helpful suggestions to patients or friends I will too often hear, “But, I don’t know how to do that.” I have said those very words many times in my own past before I transformed my thinking.

Part of transformative thinking is realizing that you can learn any subject or acquire any kill that may be necessary to perform better or to achieve a particular outcome. All it requires is do-whatever-it-takes commitment and that, dear reader, is a choice.

If you have a data phone or a computer, you literally hold the world in your hands. Information that was once reserved for a privileged few is now available to anyone, at anytime and usually for free.

Once I wanted to learn how to splice the end of a braided rope back into itself to form a strong loop at the end without tying a knot. I went online and found a You Tube video that taught me how to do the braid in less than two and a half minutes.

Another time I wanted to learn calculus. I had never taken calculus as a course in college. I was completely intimidated by calculus and I was afraid I would either fail or do poorly in the course. For years afterward I would look at differential equations, realizing I would never understand them, and that always bothered me.

Many years ago, after I had begun thinking with a transformed brain, I ordered an introductory course in calculus form The Great Courses and proceeded to learn calculus over the next year. The only thing that had changed was me. Calculus was still calculus but my mind set had changed. I decided that there was nothing I couldn’t learn or understand if I put in the effort.

A change in mindset is all that is required. For instance, let’s say that English is your only spoken language. Then, someone approaches you and asks, “Can you speak Spanish?” Your first inclination may be to say, “No, I can’t.” A confident transformed mind, one that is filled with nothing but potential and sees endless possibilities, might well respond “Yes, I can! I just haven’t learned it yet!”

That doesn’t mean that you must rush out and learn Spanish. It just means that you will go for a more positive response to any question of this sort because you now have a transformed mind. A transformed mind develops a no boundaries attitude when it comes to learning or acquiring new skills. It is the way you will learn to think. It is a choice. It is Transformation.

Do you feel that you are capable of gaining new knowledge or acquiring new skills?

Please return soon for another installment in this series on TRANSFORMATION.

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