Transformation Part XVIII: Having had a Transformation…

Clark GaitherYou have worked your way through the steps of Transformation. You have now come to the last remaining step, Step #15 – Having experienced a TRANSFORMATION, I will apply these principles in all that I do my entire life long.

The last step in Transformation goes beyond simply acknowledging that you have been Transformed. With this remaining step you essentially promise yourself that this will be an ongoing project, a process that will be repeated over and over again as you face life on life terms and all of the challenges life will present from this point forward.

This step presupposes a lot. It presupposes that if you followed the first fourteen steps that you have in essence Transformed your life, that you have adopted a different mindset and it is this new mindset that will lead you inexorably toward the truer version of yourself.

It presupposes that you have let go of the dreary sameness that you wanted so desperately to escape, that you have begun to realize your potentials, that you are now fully self actuating, self invested and eager to greet what lies ahead. It means that you have embarked on a journey of discovery to find your true passion and purpose in life. Or, perhaps you already know your true passion and purpose and are now intent on pursuing them to the fullest extent possible.

It presupposes that you have made a commitment to spend a lifetime exploring, honing, using and deploying your natural talents and abilities in order to create, produce, build, contribute, compose or author.

Wasn’t this the desired outcome for change in the first place? Wasn’t this the original plan, to discover your passion and purpose in life and with that find your happiness, your peace, your contentment, your joy or in a single word, serenity?

If you are successful in finding these things for yourself in who you are, what you do, what you become, would you ever want to stop?

Is it time to change, time for you to Transform?

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