Your Business Can’t Be On Fire If Employees Are Burned Out

A podcast interview discussion of the importance of identifying and eliminating burnout in the workplace.

Jamil Jama, host of the podcast Entrepreneur Stories.

Jamil Jama, host of the podcast Entrepreneur Stories.

It was my pleasure to appear recently on Entrepreneur Stories, a podcast hosted by Jamil Jama. We discussed the challenges presented by employee burnout and the importance of ridding the workplace of this condition which, when left unchecked, is absolutely lethal to businesses. In this interview, I discuss the hallmarks and causes of Job Related Burnout and and what can be done to alleviate, mitigate or prevent it. Remedying or preventing employee burnout is not only cost effect, it can add significantly to an organization’s bottom line.

Topics covered in this interview:

  • The three hallmarks of Job Related Burnout
  • Burnout differences between women and men
  • The six major job-employee mismatches or causes of employee burnout
  • The high costs associated with burnout in the workplace
  • A discussion of some of the strategies used to alleviate or prevent job burnout

Please, click on the link below to listen in on this episode of Entrepreneur Stories and take away some information I know you will find helpful to your organization.

“How to Overcome the Challenges of Job Related Burnout”

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