Transcript of Video #5 – Job Related Burnout Can Be Mitigated, Alleviated or Eliminated

This is the fifth video in this series on job related burnout. In the last video, I discussed the 6 major mismatches between the job and the employee which will lead to burnout. In this video, I will begin to give you some information on how to mitigate, alleviate and eliminate those 6 mismatches.

If you will recall from the last video, the 6 job mismatches are work overload, lack of control, absence of fairness, breakdown of community, insufficient reward and conflicting values. These mismatches can occur singly or in any combination to varying degrees.

However, they must each be addressed individually as each will have a unique set of solutions. Failure to address these mismatches can result in a dysfunctional and burned out staff with high staff turnover and inferior products or services, the costs of which are extremely high.

Mitigating, alleviating and eliminating the 6 job mismatches which lead to burnout and creating an engaged workforce is a process. There are two approaches, both of which must be employed – the individual approach and the organizational approach.

The individual approach begins by assessing the degree to which individual employees are burned out. This is best accomplished by applying the Maslach Burnout Inventory or MBI.

The MBI is a 25-item questionnaire with both sensitivity and specificity for detecting burnout and has the accuracy needed for measuring the degree of burnout when present. It is the industry gold standard for the measurement of burnout.

The MBI will precisely assess every employee’s work experience on the continuum from engagement to burnout. It will also survey their perceptions of the six arenas of organizational life – workload, control, fairness, community, reward, and values.

Before and after MBI data can then be used to objectively gauge if or how well job mismatch programs and solutions are working following intervention and implementation.

The organizational approach usually requires an on-site assessment of the work environment. This would include application of a different survey instrument – The Staff Survey or Maslach Areas of Work-Life Survey (MAWS). The MAWS provides a picture of the underlying problems an organization is encountering when transitioning through change.

It provides information on three separate work domains – the employee’s personal experience working within an organization, the six arenas of life within an organization where job mismatches can occur and the management of the organizational environment. The results provide a clear overview of how the three work domains connect with each other and how an organization responds to internal and external conflict and change.

All together, an on-site visit plus application of the MBI and MAWS will accurately describe the management and work environments, the six arenas of organizational life and the employee’s perception of their work experience. The result is a solid framework for planning and change, to process the workforce from burnout to engagement.

What employee doesn’t want to feel pride, passion and purpose in their work? What organization doesn’t want an engaged workforce, who’s work is characterized by vigor, dedication and absorption, the hallmarks of ENGAGEMENT!

The payoffs for this are enormous with all upside potential. Fully engaged workforces produce superior products and services, have less employee turnover and absenteeism, fewer customer complaints, higher customer satisfaction, high employee satisfaction, more innovation and creativity. The list of benefits is seemingly endless, all of which improve profit margins and reduce costs.

When you encounter an organization that’s fully engaged you can feel it from the first interaction to the last and it makes you want more of what they are offering and you will tell everyone you know what a great experience you had with them.

If you, as an employee, feel you are burned out at your job, don’t know where to turn or what to do, I can help. Whether your goal is to reengage in your current job or transition to something new which better suits you and your natural set of talents, abilities and values, I can help.

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If you are an executive or manager and feel your organization’s workplace environment has become toxic and dysfunctional, it may be suffering from the ravages of job related burnout. It doesn’t have to be that way. I can help. I offer a range of consultation services as well as Corporate Resilience Training to mitigate, alleviate and eliminate job related burnout.

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In the next video I will introduce The REIGNITE Framework – a step by step guide of my own design which takes individuals from burned out to on fire by helping them re-balance their lives, recapture the joy and pleasure derived from meaningful work and REIGNITE with a renewed sense of passion and purpose!

As always, thanks for watching.

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