020 The Power of Transformation – Professional Burnout Part III

The Power of TransformationPreviously, in parts 1 and 2 of this series on professional burnout I have discussed the definition of burnout, the symptoms, the causes, methods of prevention and proven ways to relieve or stem the effects of burnout.

But, there is one absolutely essential aspect of professional burnout that must be addressed before any meaningful resolution of symptoms can occur. Doing so will  bring people to the polar opposite of burnout – engagement.

Please join me, Dr. Clark Gaither, as I discuss this and much more in this episode of The Power of Transformation.


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One thought on “020 The Power of Transformation – Professional Burnout Part III

  1. In Gary Smalley’s book The DNA of Relationships he uses the illustration of a battery to make a point very similar to your podcast. We are like a battery…our kids, parents, coworkers, employees are each connecting to us (the battery). If we are depleted, exhausted, neglecting our needs..we have nothing to give to those we love. This word picture helped me understand that it was not “selfish” to take care of my needs. It is the only way I can have the energy to give to those I care about. Great podcast.. Very practical suggestions.