Kindle Edition of my newly released book, POWERFUL WORDS, now available at Amazon for $0.99 for a limited time only!

Click HERE for details.

This is a limited time offer. Get your copy today at this special rate!
This is a limited time offer. Get your copy today at this special rate!

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2 thoughts on “POWERFUL WORDS – the Book

  1. Absolutely without a doubt a wonderful book to savor, save, share, highly recommend! Congrats on a wonderful achievement. Read several times. Love the unusual style and your format. The repetition of your highlighted words after stories is totally refreshing. And the end alphabetical list of core values and other used POWERFUL WORDS at the end of the book is more than invaluable! I would recommend this book to professionals in the field as well as others for their use and enjoyment!

  2. I have recommended this book to my psychologist, clinical social worker, and psychiatrist friends for their use and enjoyment and to be shared and recommended within the professional communities, as well as to be utilized with their patients and other to whom they serve. Many of them require and recommend that their clients read certain books driving points home to enhance the therapy they provide. The best books are read again and again. This is by far best in the field! I used many many in my own work and required reading of them by my clientele. Excellent piece of work!