Resistance Isn’t Futile

Resistance training, whether it is physical or mental, leads to improved outcomes.

Resistance training, whether it is physical or mental, leads to improved outcomes.

Have you ever noticed when you run it seems as though the wind is always blowing toward you, offering resistance? The reason for this is simple. The only time you will notice the wind is when it is offering resistance by pushing opposite your forward progress. When you are running with the wind, it is scarcely noticed.

Most runners hate running into the wind because it’s harder and running for exercise seems hard enough already. But, why do runners run? Isn’t it to get into better shape physically, to stretch and reach beyond current physical limits?

This begs the question of which would be better for you, running against the wind or with it? Obviously, running into the wind would offer a better and more strenuous workout. Yet, headwinds are despised. It is much the same for running uphill. Why?

It is a human trait to attempt to avoid resistance at all costs. You have heard this phrase many times before, “the path of least resistance.” It is often touted as the preferable path to take because it is the easier, softer way. Does that make it the best way, though?

Maybe this is why struggle, failure, hardship, turmoil, problems and mistakes are so universally hated. They offer resistance. They impeded forward progress. Perhaps we should view these differently, as something like resistance training for our brains.

If have spent any time in a gym you have heard the words ‘resistance training’. Resistance training is any exercise activity which engages muscles to contract against a resistance with an expectation of an increase in muscle tone, mass, strength and endurance. In other words, resistance training leads to improved outcomes. People spend a lot of time and pay good money for this type of training.

However, in business, relationships or just plain everyday living, many people begin to balk at the first signs of resistance or turn around and run the other way. How are we to progress or improve if not for the resistance training afforded by struggle, failure, hardship, turmoil, problems and mistakes?

Resistance is a good thing. Resistance training, whether it is physical or mental, leads to improved outcomes. 

The headwinds of resistance are forever blowing. Lean in. Feel the resistance but keep on running. The rewards for pressing on in spite of the resistance may be the difference between the life you settle for, and the one you choose.

How do you react when you are met with resistance? Has resistance made you a stronger or a weaker person?

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