10 Suggestions for Reality Based Living

There is no magic formula, magic wand or magic fairy dust. Magical thinking gets you zip, zilch, zero.

There is no magic formula, magic wand or magic fairy dust. Magical thinking gets you zip, zilch, zero.

A patient once told me, “I used to sit a lot and think a lot about success. I would sit and sit and think and think. But, success never came my way. I half way expected for it to come and knock on my door and present itself to me like a carefully wrapped package. Boy, was I ever wrong!”

He went on to tell me how he eventually made success happen. First, he wrote down what success would look like to him. Second, he formulated a plan to get what he wanted. Third, he got to work and began to take action steps which moved him toward his goals. Since then, he has enjoyed monumental success in the manufacturing sector. No, it wasn’t overnight success either. It never is.

I have encountered many people in my career with all kinds of dreams. There are those who were able to attain their dreams by following the three steps outlined above. Too many others have never realized their dreams, and most never will.

They depend on dreaming, luck, chance, being good, suffering, marriage, prayer, associations, instructional books, seminars, instructional videos, the right time, clubs, partying, the educational system, degrees and many other success promising enticements and inducements to make them successful.

These are non-strategy strategies with no basis in reality. They strictly avoid steps 1, 2, and 3 above.

For those who might still be fantasizing for success to happen rather than running out to make it happen, the following ten suggestions for reality based thinking and living might just help. If, you so choose.

  1. There is no such thing as luck. It is an illusion. Sustained, persistent hard work with passion and purpose will lead to success. To an independent observer, it just looks like luck. It may even look like magic. But, it isn’t.
  2. The concept of the over night success is another mental trap. It infers chance or ease which is insulting to the person who has worked tirelessly toward their goals, most often over many years, even decades.
  3. There is no magic formula, magic wand or magic fairy dust. There are no shortcuts. There are tried and true formulas for success which are not magical and are available to anyone. That is, they will work if you work them. Magical thinking gets you zip, zilch, zero. You can read yet another “achieve success quick scheme” if you want. How about just pick one and do it?!
  4. Serving the needs, wants and desires of others will bring you your needs, wants and desires. They will come from those you serve, if you serve them well.
  5. If you are full of discontent, unhappiness and discomfiture and are looking for a sign for when to begin to transform your life, your sign is discontent, unhappiness and discomfiture.
  6. Your preferred future is your dream and no one else’s. Translating your life from where you are to your preferred future is your job. No one else will do this for you because they are concerned about their own lives and their own preferred futures. Or, they are just simply too busy sitting and dreaming and thinking about how they will be successful some day. You know, at some point. Some way. Somehow.
  7. If you say “I can’t,” I will not believe you even though you will be right 100% of the time. My not believing it is true will not make any difference, though, until you stop believing it is true at which point you will again be right 100% of the time. It is the only instance in your life when you will be 100% correct either way. Your choice.
  8. Praying for God to do something for you that you can do for yourself, to figure out something that you can figure out for yourself or to give you something that you can get for yourself is a waste of mental energy, your natural talents and abilities, not to mention the good Lord’s time. Go to work with what you have, what you have been given, and be grateful for it. If it is your opinion He left you ill-equipped somehow, well then good luck with that conversation.
  9. The road to success passes through the gateposts of failure. Every time. Always! There is just no easier, softer way. When you come to a point where you can name failure as a cherished friend you will have both feet firmly planted and pointing toward, or actually within, your preferred future.
  10. If you use other people simply to get want you want, you will end up with nothing and very few people will want to associate with you. The ones who remain will keep you around just long enough to get what they want from you. (Excerpts from POWERFUL WORDS

If you have achieved success, by whatever measure you choose, you are already familiar with the truth of these observations. They have their basis in reality and not fantasy. If instead you have been waiting around for success to pass by you, it does. Every single day.

We are glorious creatures of the universe destined and designed to plan, to accomplish, to build, to produce, to create, to innovate. To be successful.

Do you believe that is true, as I do? Then, welcome to REALVILLE my friend!

~ Excerpts from POWERFUL WORDS.

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